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Short Biography

Hi, my name is Feike* ter Schuur and I am a 34 year old designer, front-end developer and polymath from the Netherlands.

I was born on January the third 1984 (how Orwellian) in Kruiningen (Zeeland) and moved to Waddinxveen in 1988 where I finished elementary school in 1996. After finishing high school in 2001 I made a brief detour studying mechanical engineering, but eventually ended up on the college for media, design and technology (Grafisch Lyceum) in Utrecht learning to become a multimedia designer.

This is where my love affair with digital design really started and I have been working on digital design ever since.

Because I learned front-end development in a time when websites were still created in tables I am no stranger to having to relearn my "craft" from the start again.

Along with relearning design on a (semi-) regular basis came a love for learning in general. Although I didn't enjoy learning at school I do enjoy learning things on my own. Mainly because these days the internet made education more accessible and more tailored to ones own needs.

Coursera was the platform that really got me hooked on online learning and since then I added sites like Duolingo, Memrise, Futurelearn, Udemy, edX, Kahn Academy and Alison to my list of go to websites to learn new things. Besides actively using these platforms I am also a member of the Interaction Design Foundation where I am apparently one of the top perfomers (top 1%) in their online courses.

All this learning resulted in the diversified knowledgebase I now have. This includes but is not limited to: Psychology, Communication, Physics, Biology, Physiology, Sociology, Neurology, Logic, Philosophy and (UX)Design


As we’ve seen I have a very diverse set of interests when it comes to learning. The same goes for everyday life. I’ll try to keep up on the news regarding politics, sports, science, art, technology, healthcare and nature conservation.

Since the age of 5 I have been playing korfball and from the age of 16 I also started training and coaching teams (I was even a referee for a short while). Right now I am the trainer and coach of three teams with players with ages ranging from 15 to 45 years old. This volunteer work steers maybe half of the things I learn (or want to learn) because I want to be the best trainer/coach I can be and constant development and self improvement is a part of that.

Besides learning, training and coaching I love to read in my spare time. Back in the day I used to read a lot of novels, fantasy and sci-fi, but the last few years my reading habits changed. These days I mostly read historic, scientific and popular-science books. Eventually I intend to include a list of my books on this site so you hopefully can get some inspiration on what to read next.

*: Pronounce the first part just like "Mike" but use an "F" instead of an "M" and end my name with an "uh" sound; "Fike uh"

†: I'm not even going to try to explain this one.

‡: Holland would be correct in my case, since I live in the province of Zuid-Holland (South-Holland), but our country is called The Netherlands.


some gathered thoughts

De trein (in Dutch)

De Wallen (in Dutch)